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Reproduire ce que la Nature fait de mieux pour protéger la Santé de chacun

Purifies the air and disinfects surfaces continuously

Universal solutions to meet Indoor Air Quality needs

In a world where health is at the heart of our concerns, where physical exercise is part of our daily life and where a good diet is essential to maintain our balance, we still pay too little attention to what we touch and what we breathe…

Improving the indoor environment by fighting invisible pollution

In our buildings there is no effective system to fight against indoor pollution and disease-causing pathogens. GreenReso makes the sanitary quality of your building
to the next level.

Air purification, a commitment to quality, safety and the environment

Protecting the health of my employees and clients

The health crisis invites us to “redouble our vigilance” and to reinforce the sanitary state of our indoor environments.

I want to protect the health of my employees over the long term and enhance my employer brand.

Reduce absenteeism in companies

Recent studies show that confined and windowless spaces (meeting rooms, offices, open spaces, break rooms and lunch rooms, etc.) promote the transmission of airborne germs and expose employees to adverse health effects and affect their work efficiency.

I want to make a difference and improve the environment for my employees to reduce the risk of disease transmission and absenteeism.

Improve the comfort and well-being of my employees

Because of climate change, the number of allergies has tripled in the last 20 years and is still rising.

I want to improve the environmental health of my premises to limit exposure to allergens and indoor air pollutants.

Treating my odor problems

Odour nuisance is the second most common complaint after noise and is felt to be a real air pollution.

I wish to treat my odor problems to promote the development of my business.

Measuring and treating my indoor air quality (IAQ)

The monitoring of IAQ is now mandatory since January 1, 2018 (Decree No. 2011-1728) in establishments open to the public or ERP, including nursery and elementary schools and day care centers, since January 1, 2020 in colleges and high schools and January 1, 2023 on all other establishments.

To purify is to breathe better!


Benefit from advanced technologies based on hydroxyl radical generation to target and eliminate pathogens and indoor air pollutants.

Our healthy and efficient solutions have been tested and validated by the largest French laboratories.


Providing a safe and healthy work environment has become a priority for many employers. Delivering results and boosting productivity is a critical need for the long-term success of a business.

We have developed a scientific methodology to evaluate the real effectiveness of our solutions in your company.



The health crisis related to COVID-19 and climate change teaches us not to be satisfied with what we have and invites us to rethink the way we perceive the environment that around us.

Our filterless solutions use Active Technologies inspired by Nature to sanitize and purify the interior.


Discover our air purification solutions

GreenReso offers a complete range of devices, adapted to each living space, which protect and accompany people on a daily basis.

Each solution we offer is easy to install or wear, operates independently without the addition of chemicals and requires little maintenance.

Product lines

In the Mobile (or Plug & Play) range, discover our efficient, easy-to-use and autonomous solutions.

For air conditioning and ventilation professionals, discover our solutions that are installed in ventilation networks.

For industrialists, our design office designs tailor-made solutions for your specific air quality needs.

Professional Solutions adapted to your BUSINESS


  • Protecting your patients/residents
  • Purify your premises permanently
  • Limit the spread of viruses and bacteria


  • Protecting your children on a daily basis
  • Fight against allergic reactions
  • Reducing truancy


  • Protect and reassure your employees, customers and users
  • Keep your premises healthy throughout the day
  • Reduce the rate of sick leave at work


  • Travelling safely
  • Sanitize your means of transportation continuously
  • Reduce the risk of contamination


  • Protect your processes from contaminants
  • Extend the shelf life of perishable goods
  • Fight against VOCs and solvents
  • Fight against bad smells

You are equipped with a purification solution adapted to your premises and you wish to share it with a maximum of customers? Become a bubble of pure air!

Prevent > Treat > Inform


  • I offer my customers and employees healthier air
  • I communicate on the quality of “my air” with the Clean Air Bubble information kit
  • My establishment is valued by the “Bulle D’Air Pur” community: I am georeferenced on the partner site and I benefit from support to optimize my communication by a dedicated communication agency.


It’s good for our health,

It’s good for the environment,

It’s good for my image!

Our expertise, the GreenPure concept

Analyze: Identify issues related to indoor air quality,

Design: Provide healthy and efficient technologies to improve indoor air quality,

Deploy: Commissioning of devices for in situ analysis,

Control: Prove and control the performance and quality of our technologies in partnership with our customers and independent accredited laboratories.

What we care about. Our mission.

At GreenReso, we are dedicated to improving the indoor environment of our living spaces in order to preserve the health and safety of all.

Health and safety being a priority for every company and every individual, GreenReso has developed the GreenPure concept to reduce pollution and pathogens, responsible for diseases in our indoor environment.

In a few words GreenReso is …